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An Italian painter (1518 – 1594), actually, Jacopo Robusti, born as a son of a dyer (hence, the name “II Tintoretto” the little dyer) was Jacopo Robusti student of Tizian, however, searched always his own style.

” From Tizian the colours, from Michelangelo the drawing” thus his election slogan, Tintoretto connects Venetian luxuriance by florentinischer size.

Tintoretto loved luxuriant compositions of full ease, unusual perspectives they allow to come to the fore the sensuousness.

His representation of light and colour experienced her climax in


Still today the maxim of Jacopo Robusti, put up just 500 years ago, has continuance.

In our kitchen.

We would like to surprise you, light and colour are to us the most fresh and best ingredients, the composition is the authentic preparation and as a perspective Mediterranean way of life serves us.

With this philosophy it is to be formed our job your visit so incredibly as possible.

With wishes and questions we are ready for them with pleasure.

















Forno, il ( it )

How it arises from the history of the pizza, an original Italian pizza comes only from a wooden stove (Forno a Legna).

This we from approx. 350 – 400 degrees preheated. Only the dough within 90 seconds becomes on the edge nicely crisp and the layer does not lose to the taste.

Traditionally becomes the wooden stove with beechwood which develops little smoke and holds always on the same temperature.

This is in itself already an art which a few control and, therefore is seldom applied.

Pizzaiolo, il ( it )

Mostly manly, almost of always Neapolitan origin, guardians of the secret of the unique composition of the dough easy in itself. There are recipes many, but only with few the dough becomes wafer-thin, throws bubbles and is still tasty.

To be called an Italian Pizzaiolo pizza baker is to be mistaken same like Bavarians for an Austrian.

Festa, la ( it )

To spend “celebrations”, the Italian variation together with family, friends and colleagues amusing hours.

They can come to every time to all conceivable occasions also to us and we offer you an unforgettable celebration.